4 Mistakes People Make When Brushing Their Teeth

 Brushing your teeth is important as it helps you to maintain a clean and healthy mouth. According to "Healthline", there are certain mistakes most people make that hurts their teeth when brushing. Below are some of the mistakes and why you need to stop them.

1. Sharing your toothbrush with someone

Some people make the mistake of sharing their toothpaste with other. According to a survey carried out by Oral Health Foundation, 25 percent of people share their toothbrush with others. Doing this is wrong because your tooth brush contains bacteria removed from your mouth and when you share that same brush with someone else those bacteria will be passed to them and vice versa.

2. Skipping your tongue when brushing

Although most people do not know this, a dirty tongue is one of the major reasons for bad breath and sore mouth. Take note of the fact that the tongue is in charge of taste so letting bacteria buildup can lead to dulled taste buds.

3. Not rinsing toothbrush after brushing

Don’t be in haste whenever you brush your teeth; always remembering to rinse your tooth brush after each session of brushing. Do this so as to avoid buildup of bacteria on the tooth brush bristles.

4. Using certain types of toothpaste

According to "Healthline", Whitening toothpaste are good but might affect your enamel if you use them longer than required. So whenever you are buying a toothpaste make sure it is good and suitable for your teeth. You can ensure that by seeking the advice of a medical expert.

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