6 Things You Can Do with Your Smartphone to Make Money.

Speaking of the right gadgets, against the popular clich̩ that making money online can only be done with a laptop or desktop computer, there are a couple of businesses you can do with your smartphone Рbe it an Android or IOS product. The idea of making money online with these smartphones is broadly facilitated by learning certain skills that are relevant today. Below are some of them.

1.  Affiliate/social media marketing.
This is centred around making money by selling physical products on your social media page. It is facilitated by sharing desired products online with the idea of attracting the attention of potential buyers. This can also be used to promote your product or someone else’s to receive a commission.

2.  FOREX market/cryptocurrencies.
There are websites or software applications that support online transactions – be it foreign currencies or cryptocurrencies. These apps are authenticated and are available in both the IOS and Android mobile stores. It is important to know that; for one to make money from this system of transactions, they must possess a level of expertise and technicality in the desired areas.

3.  Graphic design for banners, stickers and posters.
Numerous small and large establishments need well-designed posters and stickers to help promote their businesses. Well; you can simply take up jobs in this area which can be done with your smartphone. Several software applications support the design of banners, stickers, posters and any graphic images which you can use to make some money for yourself.

4.  YouTube content creation.
YouTube is probably one of the biggest and most renowned search engines in the world that supports the upload of videos. You can make money from YouTube, using your smartphone to record, edit and create videos for your channel. However, earning from this platform requires the knowledge of video editing skills and also meeting up with their monetization requirement and other conditions.

5.  Video/photo editing.
Gone are the days when people need a heavy-duty camera to cover a live show or event. With the help of your smartphone, you can simply undertake video recording jobs from your locale. This can be facilitated with the knowledge of quality video editing skills.

6.  Mobile App developer.
There are a series of small business owners that need mobile applications to enhance their business operations. You can simply develop apps based on their preference which you can sell to them.

You can also monetize your applications with Google's AdSense if you meet up with its terms and conditions.

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