How to Apply for Canada visa


How to Apply for Canada visa

Traveling from one county to another can be difficult most times either as an immigrant, student or probably as a tourist.

Getting all documents ready and in check alone can get you choked up and that's why so many prefer agents getting everything set up for them while they focus on other things. But this is no an excuse for you now to at least know what it involves in getting a visa ready. Be it to Canada, UK, US or any other country.

5 Reasons people travel to Canada

  1. To unite with family
  2. To come study course of their choice
  3. To visit as a tourist
  4. To migrate with family 
  5. To visit on Business

How to apply

  • Check if you're eligible to travel
  • Get your documents that proves you're ready to travel
  • Apply online
  • Upload your documents
  • Pay your fees
  • Give your fingers and photo (biometrics)
Before you Apply for a visa these are things one must put in mind;

  1. Knowing if you are ready or eligible to travel at the moment.
  2. Get your documents ready
  3. Find out the information's needed for your biometrics(fingerprints and photos)
  4. Reason for your travel.

How your documents is being processed

Your application is been checked to make sure you have all the documents you need and get them in place.

It it's incomplete, it will be returned back to you without processing.

If you application is approved, you will be asked to send in your passport.

You may be asked to go to an interview with an official in your country for more information and probably to get examined and getting a police report.

How long does it takes to process your visa?

Most application are been procced in few weeks or less. Processing time depends on the visa office and if you need to do any extra steps listed above.

After these steps your visa and other documents will be returned back to you.

Situations where you may need extra documents on arrival

If either of the following situations applies to you or someone you’ll travel with, have the documents indicated in hand.

You have a child under the age of 18 (a minor child)

In Canada, a child under the age of 18 is considered a minor.

You may need to show

  • a letter that authorizes the minor child to travel to Canada, and
  • other documents, such as adoption papers or a custody decree, depending on if the minor child travels alone or not

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